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Muffin is the best, lol

woah. this is amazing.

i love the game I've played thr 1st one now I'm going to play the 3rd

Hi U real?

Ok is ever one here real

If then 

HI!     😁😷


сделаешь настройку перевода?   о_0


witchone is right i made one sad at firs then did it again and made the other one

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I played through the second catroom and got to the end, but wasn't really happy with my verdict since I only got 2 out of 5 of the evidence. So I clicked the play again button and it disappeared, but nothing happened. Also all but one of the social media buttons to the left of the screen vanished with it too. It's probably a bug, but the game is really good and I really like the concept!


Thanks for telling me! Yeah sounds like a bug, darn. I'm hoping things like that will be fixed as I'm moving everything over to Unity, so fingers crossed! I had to create some jankiness in these builds to get those kinds of features running.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! =^_^=


That happened to me too.

But a simple solution to REALLY play again is refreshing the page.


Nice!!!!!!! :3


Thank you!!


very fast!!

Thank you! Learned a lot of tricks during the first one to make the second faster to make. =^_^=

I love your games!

What program do you make them in? Flash? Game Maker Studio? Unity?

Your games are really cool, it's like, if court were silly and cute, and always happened the way you wanted it to!

Thank you!! I'm actually making them in Tyranobuilder right now. Looking into some Unity plug-in options right now so I can potentially get more features, but Tyrano's been pretty fantastic for quick building!