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I just downloaded the game, extracted the ZIP file, and there's a program called Catroom_Case_1 inside the folder, along with other random stuff, like the credits. Shall i open the program?

Like someone else mentioned before, at first glance this seemed like Ace Attorney: Cat Version. I haven't downloaded it yet, but it seems really good!! And my love of cats definitely helps out.

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This visual novel is super good! It's like a very light version of any of the Ace Attorney games, and the art style is great! I did notice some places with wrong punctuation, but it's fine. Overall i think it's a great concept with good execution that could be impurroved (yay puns) to become something even better!

I looooved this game and plan on doing a mini series run of the episodes! :D

Nice game!!! :)

Hooray! =^_^=

Made a video -

Very cool! Thank you! =^_^=

I love your visual novel

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Thank you! And it loves you. <3

make the second one i dont have twitter instagram or facebook so i cant follow you


I'm writing it right meow! And it'll be up here so you're pretty much in the right place after all. =^_^=